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About Us

We teach the NON FINANCE person how to apply finance practically to their lives!

The Finance Box conducts financial literacy workshops via zoom and aims to empower kids, teens and adults, everyone. Understanding why money matters and how to manage it is a basic human necessity. Over the course of this Online Finance Workshop journey, participants will learn the tools they need to achieve their financial goals and thrive in today’s competitive world.

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Meet our Founder   Minakshi Todi

"Buying a mutual fund should be synonymous with going shopping for a new dress, and I want to help people get there"

Minakshi, alumni of Cass Business School, left her Investment Banking career with JP Morgan in London. She wanted to do more with her finance skills and share her wealth of Financial knowledge with those who needed it most.

During her travels, Minakshi met a lot of young people and chatting with them she realised that finance is perceived as scary and difficult. People who had not traditionally ever studied finance found it difficult to plan their own finances. In 2018, Minakshi moved to India. She started by teaching finance at ISME School of Management and Entrepreneurship (now Atlas Skilltech University). Interacting with students, Minakshi realised how new they were to financial literacy! Students were unaware of basic financial concepts and money management tools like budgeting, saving & investing.

The more she spoke to people around her - men, women, teenagers, the more apparent it became that that this was a gap that needed to be filled. Thus, The Finance Box was born.

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Meet our Co-Founder - Devina Agrawal

What sets us apart is that - Finance is taught by The Finance Box in a very easy to understand and practical manner. You can immediately start applying what you learn to your daily life!

"Finance is perceived to be scary, difficult, numerical and mostly quite boring. At Finance Box, I aim to make financial education fun, easy and super simple. Join our Finance Box Community and learn, discuss and implement various financial well-being strategies in your life!  We aim to achieve Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy for all."

- Devina Agrawal

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Our Team

Minakshi Agrawal Todi.jpg

Minakshi Todi


Devina Agrawal - Cofounder the Finance Box

Devina Agrawal


Govinda Daga - Professor the Finance Box

Govinda Daga

Technical Analysis Coach

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Sahil Thopte

Business Development Associate

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